Web Design

Another theme: KandS

I've taken the custom theme for this website and made it available on Drupal.org.  It's much more advanced than my first offering.  Features include:

  • Webfont support through the theme settings page
  • Custom splash image, also through the theme settings page
  • Responsive layout with SASS and Zen-Grids
  • Off-canvas menu for mobile
  • Manicules!

There are two layouts: regular and mobile. Mobile is designed to be viewed on anything the size of an iPad or smaller and will resize to fit the viewing area.  It uses Zen-Grids which is built into Zen 5. The regular layout goes up to 1280 px.

In the mobile layout, the sidebar turns into an off-canvas menu. It will automatically resize to fit the viewing area, and also to fit the contents of the region.

I'm not done yet; I still have two more modules in the pipeline.  But I'd say 2013 is off to a good start.  :-)

clever girl