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People like my stuff

A little under a week since I started publishing projects on Drupal.org, and my work is starting to get used.  So far I've published three projects:

Format Headers, a module that gives extra styling options to titles for blocks and panes

Letter, a simple Zen sub-theme that includes built-in webfont support

KandS, a more advanced Zen sub-theme made with SASS.  It includes responsive layout and an off-canvas menu for mobile devices.

In under a week, these three projects have been downloaded a total of 122 times, and are being actively used on 26 sites.

And zero reported issues.

It's not as popular as the Views module, to be sure, but it shows that people like my work enough to use it themselves.  It also tells me that my work is pretty good, if a couple dozen people are using my module and themes and not a single one has had a complaint yet.

It's incredibly gratifying to me as a Drupal developer to know that I'm finally giving back to the community.  This is how open source is supposed to work.

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