Web Design

Three Videos About Fonts

You might be aware that web fonts are a big deal for me.  So I was pleased to come across a couple excellent videos that talk about webfonts today.  The first is cute and fun: how different fonts would sound if they could speak.


Next up: A more serious discussion of the different kinds of fonts and why it matters.  Hint: It has to do with the impact of your writing.

Finally, an old classic.  The above video shows a clip of a music video on Youtube that makes heavy use of different fonts for emotional effect.  Here's the same thing, but infinitely better:


It turns out that turning movie scenes into typography is actually pretty popular; more examples include Full Metal Jacket and Inglorious Basterds.  Note how they use size, orientation, and the occasional color and alternate typeface to show emphasis.  This is exactly what I'm talking about.

clever girl