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Pantheon in Local: A Safer Way

I've spoken before (several times actually) about Pantheon, a high performance web host.  They're an amazing platform with many awesome features, but one lacking feature is an easy way to do local development.  Kalabox 2 promises to change this, but as we went to press Pantheon integration wasn't working yet.  The good news: there's an easy way to do this.

Selenium Webdriver tips

Selenium Webdriver is an automated testing platform for web pages.  It may not be the easiest or the most user-friendly, and it definitely requires a lot of coding, but it's the most powerful and works with any website.  Even better, it "drives" a real web browser and simulates real clicks, so you're getting a real UI test, not just a URL test.  

It's good stuff, but it's also arcane.  That's why I'm putting together this handy cheat sheet.  Expect it to change over time.


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