Web Design


New site: ACWA.org

The ACWA is a non-profit organization I've belonged to for a very long time, and I recently took over the job of webmaster.  The old site was written in HTML with Dreamweaver, so naturally I upgraded it to Drupal.  Other improvements include:

Community-Contributed Themes

I've written before about the advantages of Open Source Software, including content management systems like Drupal.  One of the advantages is that there's a whole ecosystem of community-contributed stuff for you to use, including extra functionality and visual themes.  Many of them are quite good.  The result is a much shorter development cycle, which saves you time and money.

The Shame of Go Daddy

Well-known blogger @jkottke (100k+ followers on Twitter) recently said some disparaging things about Go Daddy.  This is confirmation of what I've been saying for years.

Unlike Kottke, I've actually had the displeasure of using Go Daddy.  He's right that they have sexist ads and their owner shoots elephants, but that's not why I hate them.  (Honestly, sex has been used in advertising since long before the internet, I don't really hate them for that.)  Here's why I hate Go Daddy:


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